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Posted: Saturday 9th March 2013

carbonite vs mozy online backup services review

Data storage backup has become a very powerful business in recent years thanks to the ever-growing reliance on the internet for both business and personal needs. Currently, there are a number of companies that offer online data storage to backup information and software. Two of the most popular are Mozy Online Backup and Carbonite.

This review article will briefly cover each company and what they offer before getting into specific comparisons of service. In that manner, a more complete picture of Mozy and Carbonite can be presented.

Mozy Online Backup

This service is available for both Mac and Windows users, offering a cloud-based storage system that allows users to backup their data online. The backup functions can be performed manually, scheduled or even continuously.
Mozy was founded in 2005 by Berkeley Data Systems in American Fork, Utah. Since that time, the company has gone through a few ownership changes as it has grown in popularity. Today, Mozy is now part of the EMC Corporation and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington although most of their employees are still in Pleasant Grove, Utah.
There are essentially three products that come from Mozy:

  • MozyHome: The consumer version for personal storage and home offices
  • MozyPro: The business class version for small & medium sized companies
  • MozyEnterprize: Primarily designed for large companies and corporations

Each of these products has their own monthly subscription fee and features.


Carbonite is also an online data storage company named after the famed “carbonite” that encased Han Solo in the film, “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back”. Founded in 2006 and first debuted as Staples for photo backup storage, Carbonite has since expanded to offer general data storage for both personal and business uses over the years. Carbonite has grown considerably during that time and has even acquired other companies such as Phanfare.
There are two main lines of products that come from Carbonite;

  • Carbonite Home & Home Office: For personal data storage or very small businesses
  • Carbonite Small Business: For businesses with 3 or more computer

Each of these services has their own subscription fee and features, plus there is an unlimited feature with a singular price that is set as well.

Mozy vs. Carbonite

Here we will directly compare the two services to see what each of them offers. We will start by stating what each company does equally well which is security. While Mozy and Carbonite have slightly different means of establishing security for the data, the results are virtually identical in that the storage is equally protected.


While both cover Windows and Mac units, there are a few differences between what devices, file sizes and services they offer. The many similarities include not covering Linux systems and having both limited and unlimited coverage plans. Each service does not cover hybrid models.
The differences begin with Mozy, which still does not cover Blackberry models while Carbonite does. However, Mozy has not singular file size that cannot be stored while Carbonite is limited to a 4GB maximum size for each file. Furthermore, Mozy also offers free online storage for 2GB or less while Carbonite has no such plan. While 2GB is admittedly not much in terms of free file storage, it does allow a user to test out the Moby system first to see if they like the product. Plus, it offers a free means of storing small files such as text or audio files that take up very little space.
However, the biggest advantage that Mozy offers is that it can safely store files from external drives. This is something that Carbonite has yet to do. For those who use external drives extensively, Mozy has definite advantages in terms of overall features.
Winner: Mozy


Both Mozy and Carbonite allow you to access your files from different sources. While neither company allows for much in the way of file sharing, you can access your files from more sources with Carbonite. It is true that the differences are fairly small, but the ability to access files from the Blackberry gives Carbonite an edge over Mozy which still does not allow Blackberry access.
Winner: Carbonite


This is the one feature that many people and businesses look at for data storage. While it must be re-stated that Mozy offers free storage for 2GBs or less, that is about the only advantage to the Mozy system. Individual plans start at $5.99 per month for 50GB & $9.99 per month for 125GB. For an extra $2 per month will add 20GB of additional storage, Mozy charges an additional $2 per month. Plus, a Mozy subscription comes with file syncing which allows files to be continually updated between computers.
Carbonite does not offer file syncing as such, but it does offer unlimited storage for $59 per year which is considerably less than the 125GB per year cost for Mozy. Furthermore, Carbonite users will have their files automatically updated and stored continually whenever any changes are made. Essentially, once you install the Carbonite software, you never have to activate it to store data on your computer.
Winner: Carbonite

Overall Winner: Carbonite

While Mozy does have some advantages, particularly for storing information from external drives, the simplicity of use and lower cost of Carbonite makes this data storage company the winner. Carbonite was designed to be relatively simple to use and the automatic storage each time a file is added or changed makes this the perfect system for homes and businesses that want effective, reliable storage with very low maintenance.
Admittedly, some individuals and businesses may want to look into Mozy if they have a number of external drives that need backup storage as well. In these situations, the added cost may very well be worth it. However, for most people the much lower cost of unlimited storage on Carbonite will be the deciding factor.
Based on the current information about each system, Carbonite has a definite advantage for both homes and businesses when it comes to online data storage.

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