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MyPcBackup Review

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MyPCBackup review
MyPCBackup is becoming the number one online backup provider worldwide very fast. Backing up with this provider becomes a simple and cool thing because of the awesome sync folder and automated backups. They have many useful features and fast backups and this makes them customers’ favorite. A lot of storage space, ability to sync multiple computers and online control panel (because of it you can access your files at anytime from every place with internet) are reasons why we come up with MyPCBackup review at the beginning.

MyPCBackup supports including desktop app, secure connection, online control panel, sync folder, scheduling, automatic backups and multi-location access. Backing up with MyPCBackup is a very simple thing, you make few clicks and all your documents will be synced and backed up online. Keep on reading MyPCBackup Review and you will see why this company is one of the best in the industry.

We think that MyPCBackup is the best online computer backup provider. We highly recommend you this provider and hope you will love it. Just look through the MyPCbackup review once again and we're pretty sure that you will think the same way.

Customer support
A lot of online backup providers if not most of them don’t have phone lines or any other convenient ways for communication with their customers. However, MyPC Backup Company has a great customer support, which makes them stand far ahead of competing companies. Just compare other companies' reviews to MyPCBackup review and you will see. We tested their customer support team and to be hones we were rather impressed with the quality of the service and how fast solutions for silly issues we made up was sent to us. We got a email with the solution regularly within half an hour and only once it took a little bit more than 50 minutes (probably the question was too dull.

As for the storage MyPC Backup uses one of the well known and the most reliable servers Amazon S3. These servers can guarantee that in 99.99% cases your information will remain private and reserved no matter what. The company even invited and implemented their own unique software, which allows achieving the fastest data recalling from the servers.

As it was already mentioned MyPCBackup really provides very user-friendly software and step-by-step instructions to the backup process making it as easy as possible. It won’t be a problem for user of any level to backup his/hers data. It takes just a couple of minutes to install and set up auto backups. MyPC Backup is the most easy-to-use provider we’ve tested so far.

Value For Money
When you first look at the range of features provided by MyPCBackup you may think that it’s going to cost a lot, however it is not quite right. You get the best options available for the lowest price among competitors.

Control Panel
MyPCBackup has just launched their new online control panel, which we couldn’t miss and not test. The panel really is quite amazing. Just like everything else about the company the panes is very easy-to-use. You can manage and share your data quickly and easily. What is more, now you can locate your laptop using the new feature which makes you able to locate your laptop in case if it gets lost or stolen. The mentioned feature is absolutely free.

Latest MyPcBackup Customer Reviews
Storage Space
Upload Speed
Customer Care
Overall Score 2.6 out of 5

Does Not Work for Business

After 3 weeks of unsuccessful attempts to backup my business server data and one PC, I threw in the towel. It takes 2 days to get an email response from support and each time the first response was they were transferring my request to another department - first from customer service - then to business service - then to tech support. I had to find the phone number to cancel (requested twice via email) from my credit card bill and then had to argue to get my full business payment refunded - they wanted to prorate it for the 3 weeks that didn't work. There is no refund for their "upgrades".
Date: May 14, 2013 Reviewer: Nancy Barrad
mypcbackup user review
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Storage Space
Upload Speed
Customer Care
Overall Score 4.8 out of 5
Top Rated Providers
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online backup user review
online backup review
online backup user review
MyPcBackup Features
Yes Multiple Computers
Yes Automated Backups
Yes Scheduled Backups
Yes File Sharing
Yes Folder Sharing
Yes Sync Space
Yes File Versioning
Yes Backup Movies
Yes Backup Music
Yes Referral Program
Yes Encrypted
Yes Drag and Drop
Yes Full Computer Restore
Yes Backup External Drives
Yes Selective Backups
Yes Idle Backups
Yes Geo-Redundant Storage
Yes PC Compatible
Yes Mac Compatible
Yes Android App
Yes Mobile Device Access
Yes iPad App
Yes iPhone App
Yes File Manager
Yes 24/7 Support
Yes Phone Support
Yes Live Chat
Yes Email Support
Yes Video Tutorials

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